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QuickBase Case Study

ProjectsForce Saves Hundreds of Hours of Manual Work with Quick Base


The Challenges

  • Microsoft Access and SharePoint too inflexible to support growing project demands

  • Manual processes led to

  • No easy way to adjust technology on-the-fly to meet evolving customer needs


Chad Thomas, founder and CE0 of ProjectsForce, is on a mission to help developers, contractors, and home improvement service providers deliver the highest quality at maximum efficiency. The company helps its clients organize and track highly complex projects to keep them on schedule and on budget.


To support its services, ProjectsForce relied on a Microsoft Access database on the SharePoint platform. While that provided online access and some collaboration capabilities, it was difficult to synchronize new data sources or adapt to customers’ unique processes.


In addition, email communications and attachments (from order forms to status updates) had to be manually entered into the system for every job. That slowed momentum and became an impediment to expansion.

“We had a lot of work coming in, and we needed a faster and easier way to incorporate all the communications between us, our clients, and their systems,” explains Thomas. “We also needed a way to quickly turn our customer’s needs into solutions built just for them.” 

The Solution

  • Quick Base platform for fast, customizable project tracking

  • Seamless integration with other cloud apps and customer portals

  • Built-in automations to simplify repetitive tasks and workflows


Quick Base gives ProjectsForce a better way to build targeted, user-friendly applications that make it easy for everyone to do their best work—from a developer managing the construction of a 600-unit housing complex to helping a big box store, like Lowes, efficiently coordinate customer installations and the efforts of 250+ subcontractors.

Customized, up-to-the-minute dashboards, automated alerts and notifications, and the seamless flow of data, mean users no longer have to log into multiple systems to get a complete view of project progress. And with Quick Base Automations, ProjectsForce now has a simple tool that can turn even the most tedious and repetitive processes into automatically executed tasks.

Quick Base also makes it easy to keep pace with customers’ growing needs. Recently, the company added a new order tracking system to a customer’s existing app to manage $150 million dollars in annual development—an extension that was built and delivered within a few hours.

“Right out of the gate Quick Base made a huge difference for us and our customers,” says Thomas. “It was instant relief. Problems just disappeared."  

The Benefits 

   •  Hundreds of hours of savings on manual processes per month

  • 98% year-over-year growth in customer projects

  • Fast, cost-effective operations

  • Flexibility to expand ProjectsForce business in new directions


On just project management alone, Quick Base efficiencies are enabling ProjectsForce to help developers successfully complete over one million projects a year. Quick Base Automations enable the company to automatically create 50 tasks for each new project, freeing clients to take on more work.  

“Quick Base is constantly on the job helping us and our customers streamline day-to-day tasks,” says Thomas. “It consistently delivers; it doesn’t make mistakes; and all the information from project management to accounting to inventory is current and where it needs to be, which is in the user’s hands.”

Now, instead of keying in and manually tracking information or compiling reports by hand, users can instantly see and address issues, quickly spot opportunities, and spend more time with customers, business partners, and vendors. This has translated into greater success for everyone. Average volume growth rates for ProjectsForce’s customers have reached 98% over the past two years.

The flexibility of the Quick Base platform and its economy (costing about $1.50 an hour per client) not only enables ProjectsForce keep customers happy and its prices competitive but also frees up more capital to hire more people, grow the business, and even take it new directions.

“If someone came to me for help with a challenge in a completely different industry, I’m confident I could build an app in QuickBase to solve it,” says Thomas. “It’s my passion to help people and Quick Base empowers me to quickly turn ideas into transformative solutions.” 

Article written by:

Mary Costello - QuickBase