Our cloud-based technology is designed to deliver system features and functionality unique to your company's needs and business processes.   The system has capabilities not available elsewhere.  We automate your office and field operations with our mobile solutions.

    Key System Features:

  • CRM - Customer Management

  • Full Purchase Order Management 

  • Job / Projects Management / Job Costing

  • Drop and Drag Scheduling with Mapping

  • Installer productiviity Management

  • Fully Configurable Operations Dashboard

  • Time and Attendance Tracking

  • Customer Notifications (Text/Call/Email)

  • Task Automation

  • Credit Card / Pay Pal Processing

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Quoting / Measures

  • Activities Management 

  • Inventory Management with Bar Coding

  • Online Forms (Scheduling / Ordering)

  • Asset and Fleet Management

  • Detailed Reporting / Business Intelligence

  • Virtual Production Office  

  • Labor / Labor Management

  • Signature Capture

Lowe's IMS Integration Features:

PF - IMS v2.png
  • Auto Confirm Pre Scheduled Details

  • Manual Confirm Pre Scheduled Details

  • Ready To Schedule Follow-up Dates (updates due date)

  • Reschedule Follow-up Dates (updates due date)

  • Schedule In IMS (add a date scheduled, project end date, and a pick up date)

  • Reschedule in IMS (add a date scheduled, project end date, and a pick up date)

  • Pull all activities from your assigned activities list and display the data in the detail, project, or work order

  • Complete in IMS (completes the job in IMS)

  • Submit Documents (can transfer your completed details, COC's, LRRP documents, or any combination of a single or multiple documents)

  • Refigure Requests Notifications (if a refigure is added, can notify one or multiple people of the request)

  • Cancelled job (if a job is cancelled in IMS, will auto cancel in ProjectsForce)

  • Pull "Labor Amount" for work orders and build work order for you digitally automatically including a digital work order form

  • Digital work order will close the work order out in IMS and upload the completed work order form into IMS automatically

Our proven system will make working with IMS as seamless as possible surpassing all other available solutions with full two-way Integration.  In addition, our technology is fully configurable allowing us to setup the system based on how you current work with IMS.

Home Depot's



Our robust and adance interface to Home Depot IconX system allows our contractors and installers the ability to consolidate all their projects and jobs into one system.

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Job Management.png
Job Complete.png
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Customers, Quotes and Job Handling:


Collect information for all jobs in one place as well the job and customer details.  All information in available in the office or in the field. 


  • Auto Data Entry from the original sales source / quote.

  • Detailed job information available to the right team members.

  • Minimize paperwork through electronic forms and automated processes.

Job Scheduling and Planning:


Our drop and drag scheduling makes the scheduling easy and efficient.  Map based scheduling with capacity and availability management, allows you to maximize your resources.

  • Automatically updates the installers schedules as well as the original source of the business.

  • Visualize all your crews from one system and mapping system with color coding for ease of differentiation.

  • Allows for the most efficient routing of your team.

  • Web-based customer schedule available as an option

  • Automated customer notifications.

  • Also has full two-way real-time integration with Google Calendars

Job Management:


The system stores all the information about the job in one location so you can easily access everything you need from one screen.

  • Customer Information, Job details, crew / installer information, documents and job notes.

  • Electronic documents and picture storage.

  • Full Access available in the office or the field.

  • Installer / crew capacity, production and profitability full tracked.

  • Automated job costing and inventory management

Complete the Job and Get Paid Fast:


You can wrap up a job right from the job site or your truck.  Send final paper work including electronic signature capture from the customer. You can automatically bill from our system or interface into Quickbooks as well as other third party systems.  Therefore you will get paid faster. 

  • Captures the customers signature digitally and automatically attaches it to the proper documentation. 

  • Send receipts to the customer.

  • Updates your accounts receivables.

Rest Easy:

We have you covered as we will reduce your manual processes and save you time and money. 

These and 100's of Interfaces Available:

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Our System is Safe and Secure
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