IMS Tracker

The IMS Tracker is a new tool that will allow you to manage your projects in ProjectsForce as well as see the reactions in IMS.


In ProjectsForce you change the status of a job to scheduled and add your scheduling info. In IMS the status changes to scheduled. Shortly afterwards in the IMS Tracker you will be able to see the action you took in ProjectsForce as well as the reaction from IMS. So the IMS Tracker will show you both statuses are now scheduled.

This new tool makes comparing what work was done in a day, week, or custom time period and how IMS reacted to those actions taken. This also helps us identify that if for any reason an expected update was not completed so we can determine what changes need to be made in order to have them completed properly in the future.

Making sure IMS is updated properly is our #1 priority and this new tool will allow us to do just that.