ProjectsForce IMS Integration Guide

The ProjectsForce IMS Integration has been designed to minimize the amount of time spent directly in IMS. Below we outline the different functions and processes that trigger the interactions between the two systems.

Pulling Data From IMS

ProjectsForce monitors IMS for new details, projects, work orders, and activities. All necessary data for each job is pulled and displayed in ProjectsForce where it is needed. Information such as the store information, customer information,  labor items w/ pricing, materials w/ images and link to, and other important project related information.

Once the  information has been added to ProjectsForce there are various automated responses the system can have regarding the specific data captured. Example would be auto confirming a store scheduled detail as soon as it is pulled from IMS.

Updating IMS

When updating IMS there are multiple ways that that ProjectsForce can be set up in order to ensure the system reacts specifically how each of our customers expect it to. This allows us to be flexible with the system responses down to the individual user.

Below you will find each IMS interaction and some examples of how they can be triggered.

Confirm Appointment:

The Confirm Appointment activity is mainly used when the store schedules a detail while the client is still in the store versus the service provider contacting the client and scheduling manually. The Confirm Appointment activity can be updated the following ways:

  • Automated to be confirmed as the detail is added to ProjectsForce so no action is required by any user

  • Button press allowing a user to review the scheduled date and time to verify availability

DD Confirm:

the DD Confirm activity is used to update IMS that special ordered materials have been received at the store, the service providers warehouse, or directly with the customer. The DD Confirm activity can be completed the following ways:

  • Automated as the materials are received using our Inventory Management Solution

  • Button press allowing a user to confirm the materials have been received

Ready To Schedule / Reschedule:

The Ready To Schedule and Reschedule activities are nearly identical. When this activity is present it indicates the project needs to be scheduled. Both activities can be updated by either scheduling the project or adding a note indicating when you plan to follow up which will push out the follow up date to the date you indicate.These activities can be updated the following ways:

  • When a project is scheduled in ProjectsForce it will update IMS as scheduled

  • When a project is rescheduled in ProjectsForce it will be rescheduled in IMS

  • When a RTS Follow Up Date is entered in ProjectsForce it will update the activity with notes and a due date reflecting the date entered into ProjectsForce

Work Complete:

The Work Complete activity indicates the project is scheduled and the due date to complete the activity is the end date the project is scheduled for. The Work Complete activity can be updated the following ways:

  • Automated as a document is created or added such as the COC being signed, a detail being completed, or a Work Order being signed

  • Button press allowing a user the ability to trigger the activity to be completed if they want to review the documents before completing the activity in IMS

  • Manually any time the Completion Date is updated

Submit Documents:

The Submit Documents activity indicates the project has been completed and the document required needs to be uploaded. These documents would be the completed detail/s, LRRP Form,COC, Post Install Checklist,  or Work Order. The Submit Documents activity can be updated the following ways:

  • Automated as the IMS Status changes to work complete or the open IMS activity is Submit Documents

  • Button Press allowing a user to determine when they want to send the document over

  • Once the activity is closed additional documents can be sent over with a button press or automated via a document update or upload


Notes are added to either the comments section of IMS, within the activity itself, or both. Notes can be added the following ways:

  • Automated as a note is entered into ProjectsForce

  • Button press allowing a user to trigger when a note is sent to IMS

Activities / Activity Management:

IMS contains all activities and indicates if they are open or have been completed. Open activities at some point require being updated and closed activities have been completed and no longer require follow up. ProjectsForce handles activities the following ways:

  • All activities are displayed showing all closed activities as well as the latest activity and if it is still open or has been closed

  • Reporting is provided to display all activities due today as well as any that are overdue

  • Reporting can be broken down many different ways in order to provide each user with data specific to their role

  • In some cases ProjectsForce can monitor and update overdue activities based off of data entered into the system