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Clients & PR's

Creating A Client

When creating a client you will always want to first search and see if that client exists. If that client already has a profile, you will want to use the existing profile. If the client does not have an existing profile you will want to follow the steps below:

  • Click "Add New Client"

  • Enter client information such as name, phone numbers, email address, and the billing address

  • Once all info has been entered hit "Save and Close"

Adding a PR


Under the PR Info Tab:

  • Click Add PR

  • Enter the relative information

  • PR# (Required)

  • PR Amount (Required)

  • Associate at Lowe’s that approved the PR

  • Any notes associated with the PR that will help in the future understanding why the PR was required


Once you hit save and close, ProjectsForce will create a new project automatically with the same store and client information as well as add a project item for additional labor with the dollar amount provided when you added the PR.