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Highlights from Tim Crume's presentation

at the recent Lowe's PROvider Summit in

North Carolina:

 Tim Crume, Crume Installations   



For those of you that didn't make it to the recent Lowe's Provider Summit in North Carolina, I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on some of the key highlights of my presentation. I also thought I would share a little about what has fueled the successful growth of my company, Crume Installations.


In just 4 years we have grown from covering 10 stores to servicing more than 100 Lowe's stores in 19 different categories.


Crume's Success:


One of the keys to our success was partnering with Lowe's. We worked very closely with our DSM to ensure we understood the importance of establishing strong relationships with the stores and our customers. We created a service culture to drive customer satisfaction. Our motto is "We will do today what others won't, so that we can do tomorrow what other's can't"


Relationships and great communications with Lowe's are a huge role in our continued success. As you know, we are all evaluated by our customers scores such as Craftsmanship, Professionalism and Likelihood to recommend.


Customers are not just paying for the installation they are paying for the experience that comes with it. One thing that our DSM has taught me is the most important part of the job is the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes. Be sure to make the customer comfortable upon arrival, connect with them on a personal level by letting them know you are there for them, not just "another job". At the end leave them satisfied with a job well done and the comfort that you looked out for them.


And finally to make sure you are delivering great service, making sure the experience goes smoothly for the customer and able to operate as efficiently as possible you must have a great system and processes. We could have never grown the way we have without the right computer software in place to manage our business. Partnering with ProjectsForce was the best choice. They continue to innovate and bring us solutions that strengthen our relationship with Lowe's. We know they have features and functionality in their system that is not available in other systems.


In particular they help us so we are:


  • managing cycle times so we are delivering on schedule

  • alerting us of overdue activities.

  • providing us capacity management of our installers

  • giving us tools for customer service to increase LTR (likely to recommend)


They also have the best integration with IMS to allow for the most efficient system possible.


I highly suggest you contact ProjectsForce to help you with a new system. Their information is below.


In closing, I wish you the best of success with being a Service Provider to Lowe's





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We have the most complete interface and integration into Lowe's IMS system.  

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