Project Coordinator

We understand the challenges faced daily with managing multiple projects and clients. Our Project Coordinator service allows for our staff to provide basic support all the way to taking on most tasks you would expect from a coordinator.

Below you will see some of the most requested tasks. Keep in mind, that every company out there does things differently so we are prepared for that as well and have the flexibility to train our staff to perform tasks the way you want them done.

Day Before Calls

We will call the client the day before and confirm that the scheduled appointment still works for them. We will also validate the status of materials such as at the job site, needs to be picked up, or maybe not available yet. We will let the client know who their technician is going to be and the expected arrival window. If there are any concerns or questions that we cannot handle, we will contact your staff to communicate the concerns as well as update this information within your ProjectsForce system.

Completed Project Calls

We will call the client once the job has been completed and verify with the client that they were satisfied with the way the project turned out, that all the services they expected to have completed were performed, and if your technician did not or was unable to obtain a signature on the COC, we will notate that the client is happy and update the COC for you. If we identify any concerns or if the client wants to provide positive feedback we will update this information for you and make sure it is sent to the appropriate person/s.

Job Verification

We will review what your team measured and indicated was needed on the detail and compare it to what was actually sold. If we notice that there is a difference, our staff will contact the store to determine why it was sold differently than requested. If we determine that your team needs to be involved, we will contact your company to inform them of the concerns and at that point allow your team to work with the store team to get the difference resolved. If we are able to do so without your involvement, we will do so.


Our staff can assume the scheduling duties for your company. Our staff will work with your company to fully understand how you schedule your measures, jobs, and work orders and will then use that method to perform scheduling functions.

Verify Install Labor Pricing

We want to ensure your technicians are being paid properly or that their PO reflects accurate pricing. Our staff will review the labor PO from the store and then compare it to your technicians labor PO and if we notice any inaccuracies we will make the appropriate adjustments. Example would be if the labor was sold with a quantity of 1 with a lump sum versus the actual quantity and the cost each for that line item.

Our Project Coordinator role is not limited to these functions, these are just some of the most popular requests. Our goal is to ensure that your company is efficiently and timely updating the IMS Platform and that your company is following up, completing jobs, and submitting documents on time with quality communication to the stores and the clients alike.

Please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in additional information.